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The Dietetics Department is has different specialized programs to give best service with clinical approach towards diet.

ICU Nutrition

Early and proper nutrition intervention helps in reducing the ICU and invariably the hospital stay. The trained dietician has the holistic nutritional management approach to the patient care. Special attention is given to avoid malnutrition or weight loss of the patient with the help of Enteral and Parenteral nutrition.

Diabetes Nutrition:

An individualized program is designed to achieve specific goals in regard of glycemic control. As per the dietary requirement for all types of diabetic patients specific tailor made diet charts calculating the carbohydrates and calorie requirements keeping in view of the drugs, insulin and stage of diabetic nature are planned and explained to patients.

Cardiac Nutrition:

In this the Nutrition goals are mainly met by taking care of obesity and the calculating the nutrition requirement based on the clinical condition. The importance of diet and activity are efficiently explained to patients.

Ante Natal care classes:

The nutrition session includes one to one to be mother counseling regarding dietary requirements trimester wise. The gastric complaints like constipation. Nausea and others are efficiently handled by the dietetics team without hampering the nutrition of the mother at that stage.

Corporate Nutrition Programs:

Programmed which emphasizes on lifestyle management and specific condition related nutritional guidance. Highlights of the program are nutrition session, menu planning, education to kitchen staff of cooking techniques, and individual diet charts. We also give training in healthy eating for a corporate section.

Other therapeutic Nutrition Unit:

We have specialized in all therapeutic clinical nutrition fields. For eg: gastroenterology, neurology, pediatrics etc.

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