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Physiotherapy department of AiMS Hospital is well equipped to provide latest and best physiotherapy services for complete rehab of various orthopedics, neurological, cardiorespiratory disorders, sports injuries, gynecological and obstetrics conditions through exercise therapy and electrotherapy modalities.

For Pain management, healing and rehabilitation in all aspects the Electrotherapy modalities used are: Short Wave Diathermy, Ultrasound, TENS, Interferential Therapy, IRR, Vibrator, Neuromuscular muscle Stimulation, Continuous Passive Motion, Lumbar and Cervical Traction, Hydrocollater Pack.

The Exercise therapy equipment used are:Dumbells, Weight Cuffs, Vestibular board, Stability disc, Swiss ball, Finger ladder, Shoulder pulley , Wrist mobiliser,Mat exerciser, Therabands, theratubes,Mobilisation Bed, Medicine ball, Postural mirror, Walker.

AiMS Hospital is proud to launch Knee Club, Spine Club, and Antenatal Care Program.

Knee Club/ Spine Club: This program is to educate and train to maintain a better lifestyle. It is a 6 weeks program, per week 2 session will be held and will compromise of: Stretching exercise, Strengthening exercises , Ergonomics training .

Antenatal Care Program: This program is to educate and empower mother as she approach the birth of a baby. It will include:  Breathing Exercise, Mat exercises ,Ergonomics Training, Relaxation Therapy & Counseling.

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